Hello!  Hello especially if you’ve wandered over having seen the piece in the Guardian this morning, which told of the strangest experience that I’ve ever had – a Near Death Experience.  Thank you for your kind comments.   Might I respond to the slightly less kind ones – eg the bloke who said:  “I notice you’ve got a novel out called The Things I’d Miss…  Did you just make that up to plug a book?”  Erm… By its very nature, the experience stretched credulity; it certainly made me reconsider much of what I believe; hence why I wrote a novel based on it.  Buy the novel, or don’t.  Believe the Guardian piece, or don’t.  But please accept this:   the piece does describe the events, as I believed I experienced them.  (If you’re wondering what I’m on about, why don’t I post the Guardian piece in that Magazine article section down to the right?)  Have a good weekend!  Andrew x

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