Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted Chief Inspector of Schools, points out that two thirds of poorer children, on arriving at school,  ”can’t hold a pen…  can’t recognise simple numbers…  can’t go to the toilet independently.’  And he’s quite right.  Really a child of five could, should, be able to fill in a CV, or offer a marketable skill – eg drive a tractor – or the whole economy will collapse sideways like a bad wig.   Sir Michael is quite right to blame this fiasco on poor parents and the idiots who run pre-school education.  Where is the structure in these nurseries?  Where is the discipline?  I visited one recently, and I saw one child, on the floor, pretending to be a worm.  How is that going to help in a job interview?  This madness must stop. 



is quite right to blame this fiasco on

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